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      Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible for any reason. Often times the data (found in the hard drive) and the hard drive are fine, but another component of the computer may be malfunctioning therefore you cannot access your files (pictures, documents, music, etc.). In this case we recover your data by manually extracting the hard drive and making it readable in another computer then creating a BACK UP folder with all of your data. In some cases the HARD DRIVE is NOT fine. It may have become unusable (dead, failed, wear and tear, etc.) and therefore the process for data recovery is quite different. Hard drives in this condition are sent to other companies who specialize in these kind of damaged hard drives but the cost can be significantly more expensive.



      A hard drive is the primary computer storage device containing all the data (operating system, documents, files, music, etc.) needed to operate a computer. When a hard drive goes bad the computer can no longer operate. Without the hard drive there is no operating system. Although we have special tools to determine the health condition of a hard drive, there is never a way to tell when a hard drive will fail completely. Hard drives fail from long term use, shutting down the computer the wrong way (holding the power button until it turns off rather than clicking on the shut down button), dropping or banging a computer, water damage, etc. When replacing a bad hard drive, a new WINDOWS INSTALL will be required.

          A Windows Install, often referred to as a CLEAN INSTALL, is a procedure in which the computer’s hard drive is completely formatted (wiped/deleted) and has a new copy of a WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM (Win7,8, or 10) installed leaving the computer operating system in a LIKE-NEW condition with no trace of the previous system (personal files, viruses, etc.). This is often done when a computer has been infected by a virus or when some of the system files have become corrupt and the computer is slow or unresponsive. It is also necessary when the computer’s hard drive has failed (dead, wear and tear, mechanical issue, etc.) and needs replacement. All of our WINDOWS INSTALLS include a life-time anti-virus, a media player, and Google Chrome for free. Other paid programs can be installed per request. In essence, a Windows Install is the fastest and most reliable way to get your computer running like new when you need it

          A reflow is the act of soldering/welding components back onto the motherboard. It is performed when a motherboard component’s (video chip, processor chip, or other chips that are soldered/welded/attached to the motherboard) electrical contact points have become detached or separated from the motherboard. When a component loses contact with the motherboard, for instance a video chip, the motherboard can no longer communicate with the video chip therefore the computer will experience video issues or in most cases lose video display and power completely. The majority of the time this happens due to overheating. The heat of the computer goes up so high that it actually melts the contact points and separates the component from the motherboard. To prevent this from happening and to give your computer a longer life, an OVERHEATING service is highly recommended. NOTE: An external fan is highly recommended after a REFLOW. A REFLOW is not 100% guaranteed to work for ever but success rates are 90%. If a computer fails again after a REFLOW, 5 Star Computer Repair will cut half of the MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT cost of labor.

          Ram is essential for a computer. Without any RAM, a computer will not turn on. As the computer boots, parts of the operating system and drivers are loaded into memory, which allows the CPU to process the instructions faster and speeds up the boot process. After the operating system has loaded, each program you open is loaded into memory while it is running. If too many programs are open the computer will swap the data in the memory between the RAM and the hard drive. The more RAM you have, the more programs and actions your computer can handle without affecting the speed of the process. Think of it as a 2-lane freeway (low RAM) vs. a 4 or 8-lane freeway (more ram). Often times RAM fails and needs to be replaced and a lot of times it is simply replaced (upgraded) to improve system speed and performance.


          The motherboard of a computer is an electrical circuit board that connects ALL of the computer components (hard drive, battery, ram, screen, power, video chip, keyboard, usb ports, EVERYHTING). A MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT is necessary when the board has failed due to water damage, overheating, broken, short circuit, etc. Often times, motherboards can be repaired with a REFLOW or by cleaning the corrosion caused by water damage but many times a new or used WORKING motherboard is ordered to replace the damaged one. Although a MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT is recommended, a REFLOW is a better route for some people who need their computer running ASAP or simply looking to save money.

     VIRUS REMOVAL          

      A virus is a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system, destroying data, and often rendering the computer slow and/or unusable. We use special tools and software to MANUALLY remove viruses and other malicious programs from an infected computer. We then run various malware removal software that automatically scan and remove the remaining malicious codes within the system. Our virus removal procedure includes a SYSTEM STARTUP clean up which disables memory hogging programs and applications from starting on their own when not needed. Although Virus Removal helps to get your computer back on the road and free of malicious programs, a CLEAN WINDOWS INSTALL is still recommended over the Virus Removal since viruses are not 100% GUARANTEED to NOT come back into the targeted computer.


          We have all had a laptop that gets just TOO hot to place on our laps. Ever wonder why that is? Well, laptops, as well as desktops, have a cooling system (fan/vent/heat sink) built to keep your computer running cool. This system is often made out of copper and is placed inside the computer over the CPU chip, VIDEO chip, and other components. In between the chips and the cooling system we have THERMAL PASTE. Thermal paste conducts heat away from the chips and is MANDATORY. Because of the fans and where the computer is placed, this cooling system can become full of dust, lint, and other particles clogging the cooling passage ways. The computer then begins to overheat and the thermal paste deteriorates. Using a computer in this state can cause permanent damage to the CPU, motherboard, or other components rendering your computer useless. Overheating can also cause your computer to run extra SLOW as the computer automatically slows down its processing speed to help minimize heat. With our OVERHEATING service we take the computer apart and thoroughly clean the vents, fans, heat sink, and all parts of the cooling system. We also clean off the old thermal paste and apply new thermal paste (the best in the market). This whole process will get your computer back to normal temperatures, speed, and prevent you from having to pay high dollars for repairs or for a new computer.   

.. Deposits and Refunds .. 



There is a $25 deposit required for Labor to start which goes into the Repair cost of the device ( no one works for free, we aren't slaves right, would you work for free ?  =) )

The deposit goes towards the repair cost when quote is given, if the repair cost is not adequate and decide not to get it repaired. The only charge would be the diagnosis charge to pay for the time spent on checking your equipment (again, would you work hours for free ? )

When parts are Special ordered there is also a Deposit fee to order specific parts not carried in stock for your repair, in some cases there might be restocking fee's which i am not liable to pay in any which case such ass cancelations of repairs. 

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